The Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system has become an integral part of modern football,

and Euro 2024 will be no exception. While VAR aims to ensure fair play by correcting clear and obvious errors, it also introduces a new layer of complexity for bettors. Here’s a breakdown of VAR and its potential impact on your Euro 2024 betting strategy:

What is VAR?

VAR utilizes video replays, referees stationed off-field, and communication technology to review potentially match-changing decisions. These include:

Goal/No Goal decisions (offside, fouls in the build-up, ball crossing the line)
Penalty decisions (fouls inside the box, simulation)
Red card decisions (serious foul play, denying a goalscoring opportunity)
Mistaken identity for yellow or red cards

Impact on Betting:

Increased Scrutiny: Previously subjective calls like penalties and red cards are now subject to closer scrutiny. This could lead to more overturned decisions, potentially altering the course of the match and impacting your bets.
Goal Line Technology: The presence of goal-line technology eliminates human error in determining whether the ball has crossed the line. This can be helpful when betting on “Correct Score” or “Over/Under Goals” markets.
Time Delays and Stoppages: VAR reviews can lead to delays in the game, impacting the flow and potentially influencing betting markets like “First Goalscorer” or “Time of First Goal.”
Psychological Impact: The threat of VAR review can add tension to players and referees alike. This could lead to last-minute changes in strategy or more cautious refereeing, impacting betting markets like “Total Fouls” or “Number of Bookings.”

Betting Strategies:

Research VAR History: Analyze how VAR has impacted previous major tournaments. Familiarize yourself with the types of incidents most likely to be reviewed and the average time taken for decisions.
Consider “VAR-Prone” Bets: Avoid placing bets heavily reliant on subjective calls like penalties or red cards, which are more likely to be reviewed via VAR.
Live Betting Adjustments: Watch the match unfold and adapt your bets based on potential VAR interventions. For instance, a seemingly clear penalty might be overturned after review, impacting the “Goal/No Goal” market.
Focus on Objective Markets: Prioritize betting markets less likely to be influenced by VAR, such as “Corners” or “Offside Calls.”


VAR is still evolving, and interpretations can 99ok company vary. Don’t expect every close call to be reviewed.
Betting should be fun and part of the overall enjoyment of the beautiful game. Don’t let VAR solely dictate your strategy.


With VAR in play, Euro 2024 betting requires a nuanced approach. By understanding the system’s impact and adapting your strategies, you can navigate this new landscape and potentially place more informed bets throughout the tournament. Remember, responsible gambling and enjoying the on-field drama remain key!